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Want to slip into PJs that are so comfortable you feel like you're living the life of royalty while spending significantly less than 1 romantic dinner ... well, you are in luck!

Introducing the Meow Women's Pajamas.

Imagine a fabric that's as soft to the touch as a baby bunny and as luxurious against the skin as the finest cashmere.

ade of a cotton/wool blend that is lightweight and incredibly cozy, this pajama set will drape her body beautifully and is stretchy and forgiving but won't lose its shape no matter how often she wears it (and she'll wear it a lot).

No high-maintenance care and no high-cost price tag either. So treat her skin, and her soul, to the amazing experience of these soft pajamas.

She'll love you for it. And you will love her as she looks so cute in her "Meow" Pajamas. 

"These PJs were the best thing I purchased all year, I was sitting near the fire after a long day out skiing with my husband... and I thought, as I drank my hot cocoa... 'Am I in heaven?'. I absolutely adore these jammies and I actually told my husband he better buy me another set in blue for Christmas this year :) " 
- Sarah



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