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The Silk Heatless Roller

It has been well known for a long time that excessive exposure to heat is bad for your hair. We have all experienced it, be it from rollers or straighteners, with the end result being dry, damaged hair with split ends. And up until now we have accepted that has been a necessary side effect to you looking your best and we have simply put up with it.

The Silk Heatless Roller is about to revolutionise your hair care routine. Curls and waves without any of the long-lasting damage caused by heat. Heatless curls overnight with very little effort. No longer will you have to prioritise looking great with the long-term consequences that used to bring. No longer will you have to worry that looking your best for a night out will result in putting up with dry hair for the following days and weeks.

If you’re now thinking “sounds too good to be true”, you’re wrong. The Silk Heatless Roller is made from silk, which not only is effective for maximising curls but it reduces fizz too. No other heatless curling ribbon comes close to the big voluptuous curls which can be achieved from the silk roller.

Professional salon-like looking results are so easy to achieve with our simply 3-step instructions and get the curls or waves exactly how you want. Use over and over without any of the stress of split ends. The Silk heatless curler is durable and made to last, and we can guarantee that it will need to because there is no reason to ever go back.

The Silk heatless curler was designed with safety and comfort in mind. Measuring 36 inches it can be used on a wide variety of hair lengths and comes with satin scrunchies to leave your hair soft and crease free. It is effective on most types of hair, and extremely popular with fine, fair or brittle hair which is especially prone to heat damage. As well as the obvious long-term hair health benefits, the heatless roller is lightweight, portable, plug-free and can even be used overnight. Blue in yellow or pink.


Made from Foam, Plastic and Cloth .

Approximate Measurement is 3x98cm.

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